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Recommended Reading: Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis

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Recommended Reading: Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis

Groundwood Books, 2007

Kip is spending the summer with his grandmother and his five eccentric girl cousins, including Emily, who thinks she's a dog. Gran's house is about to be demolished, so anything goes, whether it's drawing maps on the wall or sawing off the banister for a smoother ride. When Kip bashes through an old closet, he discovers the binder his late father kept as a teenager. He's bewildered by what he finds: puzzling lists, hair samples, old newspaper clippings and business cards - all accompanying a confidential report written by a mysterious young operative who is carrying out a secret plan to infect teenagers with a cell-altering virus.

This wonderful new novel has all the Sarah Ellis hallmarks - quirky characters, insight, wit - underpinned by resonant themes of family, memory and the creative imagination.

Sarah Ellis is the author of several books, including Odd Man Out, Pick Up Sticks, The Young Writer's Companion, The Several Lives of Orphan Jack, Out of the Blue, Next Door Neighbours, From Reader to Writer, and The Baby Project.

From the catalogue. Visit the Groundwood Books website to read more about Sarah Ellis and Odd Man Out.