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Recommended Reading: Climate Change - A Groundwork Guide by Shelley Tanaka

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Recommended Reading: Climate Change - A Groundwork Guide by Shelley Tanaka

Groundwood Books, 2006

There is no longer any question that the planet is warming, and that this warming is caused by human activity. Shrinking glaciers and melting permafrost, erratic weather patterns and threatened water supplies are already affecting the lives of people around the globe. Climate change has been called the single greatest threat confronting societies today. The crisis is real, but there is little consensus about how to confront the problem, because the science is complex, the economic, political and social implications of taking action are far reaching, and the scope of the problem is vast.

Climate Change: A Groundwork Guide addresses the main questions. What is happening, and how did we get here? What is the basic science behind climate change? What is going to happen in the future? Why is it so hard for us to accept what is going on, and what can we do about it?

The Groundwork Guides provide an overview of key contemporary political and social issues. Tackling pressing and sometimes controversial topics, these guides offer both a lively introduction and a strong point of view.

Shelley Tanaka is the author of Climate Change, A Great Round Wonder, and The Heat is On. She co-authored One More Border with William Kaplan.

From the catalogue. Visit the Groundwood Books website to read more about Climate Change.